The Last Supper, with something extra
A large scale (6 * 1 meter) freehand drawing, done on brass plates.

Done for a restaurant and the theme was "The Last Supper, with something extra".
- The brass plates were put on the wall and I drew it freehand by
using markers and printmaking ink. - 
Right click the image and open in new window for full size view.
What's better then a burger and a cigar?
I did not know of this knive, until I looked closer at the Da Vinci's mural painting. A very interesting detail.
Do you want me to punch him?
Free Masons all watching seeing eye... with a Rock & Roll beverage, probably whiskey. 
To take the religion out of the piece, Jesus was taken out and an octopus replaced him. Is there something behind this choice? You choose!
One of my favorite detail, knuckle iron.. love it.
I just moved one finger from the original.. just one finger. Sometimes small changes are big changes.
Tattoos make everything cooler.. no deep meaning behind it.
A basic get together.. let's smoke and relax...
Here's a quick video I shot of the piece. Before the restaurant opened.
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