I have to say that this was a fun project. I got asked to do a commision. A surpise picture to celebrate a 15 year marriage. The picture has a few hidden personal messages for the better half, a romantic gesture dressed as superheroes, each element was thought out, each pose has a meaning.
This is the suprise party, with his favorite necklace that he got at a Madonna concert (I might be wrong there). I do belive this necklace gives the picture a lot of fun.. 
I blurred out the personal message, but it is related to a warm heart, not much unlike Ironmans nuclear heart.
These two, they are a perfect duo... (I know, the same person, but different types)...
The background silouhettes are all favorite characters of the suprice gift reciever. Here you can see "Pinhead, "freddie" and of course "Madonna".
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